Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Scientists Discover 1,500-year-old Mongolian Mummy ‘wearing Adidas Boots’

An ancient mummy discovered in Mongolia seems to be way ahead of its time fashion wise – by wearing Adidas trainers. According to The Sun, scientists unearthed the 1,500-year-old remains of a woman’s hands and feet high up in the Altai Mountains.

But the cutting edge footwear, with the trademark stripes of the sportswear brand, is causing a stir on the internet, and fuelling talk of time travel.

One Live Leak user wrote: “Didn’t know they had Adidas back then...”
Another asked: “The mummy had on some Adidas in the first pic?”

Archaeologists believe the Turkik burial, the first found in Central Asia, will reveal details of ancient Mongolian life. The corpse was buried with a saddle, bridle, clay vase, wooden bowl, trough, iron kettle, and an entire horse.

B. Sukhbaatar, researcher at Khovd Museum, told the Siberian Times: 
“This is a very rare phenomenon. These finds show us the beliefs and rituals of Turkiks.
“We can see clearly that the horse was deliberately sacrificed. It was a mare, between four and eight years old.
“An interesting thing we found is that not only sheep wool was used, but also camel wool.
“We can date the burial by the things we have found there, also the type of hat.
“It gives us a preliminary date of around the 6th century AD.”
He added: “The finds show us that these people were very skilled craftsmen.
“Given that this was the grave of a simple person, we understand that craft skills were rather well developed.”
“The grave was three metres deep.”

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