Friday, 11 March 2016

Dear Diary: From The Bottom Of My Heart

Life they say is what you want it to be or what you take it to be, it has no definite definition, "Life is what it is, "it depends on your perception,  so what is your perception about life?

I heard a lot of things while growing up, I heard that life isn't fair, Life is wicked. while some say life is fair, life is sweet, life is good, but we can all agree that life is a teacher the more you live the more you learn. What has life taught  you? How many blows has life dealt you with? 
We've all had our fair share of life, Life has been fair to some, Life has been nice to some, it has been harsh to some, in fact life has been totaling unfair to some. Does this means life was to them because they perceived it that way. I think the situations you find yourself in life will determine your perception about life.

Someone born with a silver spoon will perceive life differently to the way a pauper will perceive life, the way an healthy person will perceive life will also be different from the way an unhealthy person will perceive life, and also the way a cleric will perceive life will totaling be different from others.

We all go through challenges and struggles in life this can be termed as "Chronicles Of Life", Every human being pass through this. Stay tuned as I share my personal day to day experience under the Diary post and we can all make this interesting with you all sending in your chronicles/experience. Share so we can all learn and you can also send in your chronicles for advice.

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