Friday, 4 December 2015

Will Kim Kardashian Ever Stop Whining?

Does this woman ever stop whining??? She whines about not getting pregnant, then whines during pregnancy and then after pregnancy about her post baby weight!! 
In a recent post on her website she complained:

'I'm fat as f**k and my cankles are out of control,and her stress over finding a 'good name'
It seems Kim is also stressed - with the pressure on to find a name as original as her daughter North's.
When asked what she currently 'dislikes' she answered: 'All baby names I am hearing. We need to think of a good name. This is so hard!'

Kim's husband Kanye West is sure to have strong opinions about his son's name, with the rapper a notorious perfectionist.

And Kim's complaints don't stop there, with her adding that at night: 'I hardly sleep at all!' 

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