Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Woman Finds Out She’s Pregnant 1 Hour Before Giving Birth

A Massachusetts woman was surprised to found out she was pregnant, just about an hour before giving birth to a healthy baby girl. Judy Brown, 47, went to Beverly Hospital in Beverly, Massachusetts on Wednesday with severe abdominal pain. To her surprise, Brown’s health providers discovered that she was pregnant and in labor. Around an hour later, Brown gave birth to a healthy 8lb baby. She and her husband of 22 years named her Carolyn Rose.
Brown told ABC News, 
“It was a little bit scary getting into the hospital thinking something was really bad was going on. To understand and take in that was I pregnant and was about to go into labor … it was very overwhelming.” Dr. Kimberly Gecsi, an obstetrician and gynecologist at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland told ABC News that it is possible for women to not realize they are pregnant until close to giving birth. “People don’t know sometimes or they’re in denial about it and denial can be pretty strong,” she said.

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