Friday, 6 November 2015

Who Vex Comedian Alibaba Again?

alibabagcfr I don't know why some people can't be patient with me? So, now you have called me to say you have friends I was referring to in my last prayer post. Please accept my apology for not specifically mentioning their names. I apologize. Please let them send all their names, so that I can properly include their names, so they don't have to tell you to call me on their behalves! So they can all be included next time. Nonsense! Some bunch of human wastes with 28 karat unwell state of mind, had the temerity to call my line, that I bought with my sweat, to ask me to pull down something I posted on my Instagram page. 

An Instagram app that I used my purchased data to download. Can you just imagine how some people suffer from +4 malaria and want others to take Alagbin on their behalf? After reading this post, I dare you to call me again, to say you and your friends are "infuriated" by post again, and see how I will respond. You worthless piece of crap. My immediate younger brother died of cancer, because it was not diagnosed early and when it was, he was told it was not "malignant". And will go away. In deed he did. He went away, for good, while the Honourable Health Commisioner of the state where he was serving as civil servant, rode around in a 2010 Landcruiser. 

Do you know how many Dialysis machines all the SUVs for commissioners will buy? Make person no let person talk ooo. After now them go say were you not working for them? That is another issue that is laughable. I was paid to do a job. That is to say I was paid to provide a service. Like Channels Tv or AIT. Like Thisday or Punch. Like Arik or Dana. Eko Hotel and Oriental... Or how many schools have thrown out children of thieving politicians? Isn't that like benefiting from them by providing education for their wards? By the way, If they too had provided the services they were voted in to provide, there would not have been any need for my post. Come to think of it, who them help?

 As shared on his instagram page.

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