Sunday, 15 November 2015

Two Arrested For Selling Dog Meat

Waisswa Shaban, 47, from Mbale alongside Francis Amone both residents of Aringorwot village in Layibi Techo were rescued by police after being tipped that angry residents were lynching the pair after they failed to produce the head and legs of “the goat” they were selling according to Kasada Awali the OC Layibi Techo outpost.

 The two were suspected to be selling dog meat after a vendor scented how different the meat was from that of a goat saying it smelt foul. The unidentified food vendor said she cunningly demanded for the head and legs.

Kasada said he immediately called for reinforcements from Gulu CPS to manage the mob after locals demanded to deal with the pair whom they said were selling ‘beef’ at only sh7,000 per kilo.

After calling for more evidence, the team of locals led by LC1 Valentine Okello combed the bushes around Waisswa’s homestead where they found a dog’s head and legs buried in a cassava garden.

“We found the skin buried under a tree’s roots but the head and the legs were buried in an anthill close to his neighborhood,” Okello said.

Although Waiswa had declined to formally make a police statement he later admitted that he was selling dog meat.

“At least an average meat consumer in this village has eaten my product for the past 4 months,” Waiswa said. 
“Waiswa is my close friend. He found me at my home and told me to go and help him sell something he had packed tight in a bag for the evening booze,” Amone said.

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