Sunday, 15 November 2015

Tourist Dad Who Paid Men to Sleep with His Daughter

This happened in Kenya, a 72-year-old man was fined KSh 4,000 for paying different men to have sex with his 32-year-old daughter.
Three men who were caught in the bizarre act were also fined a similar amount but residents claimed that was not enough punishment for the vice.

Initially, it was though that the 72-year-old Spaniard tourist by the name Albin Allenspach was taking advantage of his daughters unstable mental health to pay for the bizzare acts on her.
But upon examination, the court was told that the 32-year-old lady was of sound mind and capable of making her own decisions.
This then resulted in the initial charge of gang rape being reduced to that of causing public nuisance.
Residents of Maweni area, Mtwapa had said they saw the Spaniard’s  daughter and three other Kenyan men engaging in sexual intercourse in the full glare of the father.
It is reported that each time they executed the hired sex, they would leave curtains and windows open for anyone who care to see.
The residents demanded that the man should be rearrested and face a stiffer penalty than what the court slapped him with.
The Spaniard tourist was to be charged with abetting gang rape but after analysis, there were no sufficient grounds for such a charge.
Neigbours said that the tourist has been flying in and out of Kenya for the last seven years and paying men to have sex with his daughter.
Sex tourism is rife along the coast of Kenya and its even common to find husbands selling their wives to tourist as they seek to escape biting poverty.

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