Monday, 2 November 2015

Photos: Kenyan Nurse Films Horrific Abuse She Suffers From Female Passerby in Finland

Kenyan nurse was going to the library when the woman racially abused her, the woman said the nurse 'meant nothing in her eyes' due to her skin colour.
The shocking incident was filmed by the nurse who said the woman asked her: 'Why does everyone come to rape our country? Snapshots from the video

A female Kenyan nurse was racially abused by a Finnish woman, who said she 'meant nothing in her eyes' because she is a black African woman.
The shocking incident was filmed by the Kenyan nurse, who initially thought the woman needed help and went over to her car to see what was wrong.

The Kenyan nurse was told by the woman, who is believed to be Finnish: 'I am a Finnish woman. You are a f***ing African woman. You are zero, you are not human in my eyes.'

'Be prepared, because this country will become very racist,' the Finnish woman warned her.


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