Saturday, 14 November 2015

Paris attacks: Everything we know so far on Saturday morning

At least 128 people have been killed in seven separate attacks across Paris, including 118 during a hostage situation at Bataclan, a music venue.
What has happened?
There have been seven apparently coordinated terror attacks in Pariscarried out by at least eight militants, all wearing suicide vests. At least 128 people are feared to have been killed.

  • Two explosions were heard near the Stade de France, where Francois Hollande was watching France play Germany in an international football friendly, at around 8.30pm UK time.
  •  A French police official has confirmed there were two suicide attacks and one bombing near the venue, which is north of central Paris. One was near a McDonald's restaurant on the fringes of the stadium.
  • Meanwhile there were attacks on two restaurants Le Petit Cambodge and Le Carillon, both in Rue Bichat, in the city's 10th arrondissement.
  • There were also attacks in the Rue de Charonne and Boulevard Voltaire.
  • At least three terrorists took more than 100 people hostage at a music venue, Bataclan, where a concert was being held, before they began randomly killing at least 118. They had time to reload their weapons at least three times during the attack. Five explosions were heard when police stormed the venue. The Prefecture of Paris said the attackers detonated explosive vests during a police assault on the venue. Four terrorists were killed as police took control of the hall.
  • A few hundred yards from the Bataclan, the terrace of the Casa Nostrapizzeria in Rue de la Fontaine au Roi was targeted.
  • Shootings were also reported at the central Les Halles shopping centre and at Le Pompidou and Louvre, but they are believed now to be false alarms.

  • At least 128 people have died, according to city officials, with many more wounded.
  • At least 118 people were killed in the concert hall. Four assailants were also killed after police stormed in - three by activating their suicide vests and a fourth shot dead.
  • Gregory Goupil of the Alliance Police Nationale said there were at least three dead in the attacks near the Stade de France, with several others seriously hurt.
  • A little further east at least 18 people died when the terrace of the La Belle Equipe in Rue de Charonne was sprayed with gunfire, while around 14 people were killed at Le Carillon bar-cafe in Rues Bichat.
  • Five people at the Casa Nostra pizzeria were targeted by attackers wielding automatic rifles, according to a witness, Mathieu, 35.

 Who are the gunmen?
  • This is unknown at present as the situation is still developing. However, those responsible are believed to have been dressed in black and used Kalashnikovs and hand grenades. The deputy mayor of Paris says it is too early to conclude that attacks are coordinated acts of terror but it "looks that way".
  • According to French channel BFMTV, one of the gunmen at Bataclan shouted: "It's for Syria" and "Allahu Akbar". There were also reports the attackers mentioned France's military actions in Syria.

  • Emergency services are attending all scenes, while special forces were deployed to the hostage situation at the Bataclan, where they stormed the building. 200 soldiers are being sent to 11 and 10 arrondissements.
  • The Army has also been called in, with 1,500 soldiers deployed in the French capital:
  • The President and Home Minister held an emergency meeting beforeHollande travelled to the Bataclan, where 100 people died. He has declared a state of emergency in the whole of France - the first time since 1958 - and imposed border control. The Paris Metro is shut.
  • Mr Hollande has cancelled his trip to the G20 meeting in Turkey this weekend to remain in France.
  • David Cameron said he would convene COBRA, the Government's emergency committee, on Saturday following the "sickening" attacks.
  • US officials say they are monitoring the attacks in Paris and President Barack Obama has been briefed. The US President said: "Once again we've seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize ordinary citizens... France is our oldest ally. We stand together with them."

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