Friday, 6 November 2015

Migrants Turn Their Noses At 'Boring' German villages

Lol...But they say beggars do not have choice, well I guess it not applicable to some. Migrants turn their noses at boring German villages  and some are said to have leave the villages saying the German govt tricked them into believing they are going to Frankfrut but they ended up in wilderness .

A couple from Syria, who arrived at the hamlet at lunchtime today walked out of the refugee holding centre an hour later - announcing; 
‘We don’t want to be stuck here in the wilderness.’ Syrians Morhav, 28, and his wife Noor, 19, said they were going to the train station and on their way to Frankfurt. 
‘They [the refugee agency] told us they were taking us to Frankfurt. But we got off the bus we found that had taken us to this wilderness.
‘My wife started crying. Her mother is in Frankfurt. She thought she would be taken to her family. But instead they have taken us here – to nowhere.
‘So we are going to go to Frankfurt. I don’t know how we will get there but we will.
‘We have walked across half of Europe already so we are prepared to go a little further.’
The couple, who had arrived in Germany just three days beforehand, claimed the refugee agency had told them they were being taken to Frankfurt when they boarded a bus in Hannover.

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