Sunday, 15 November 2015

Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom- The Saga Continues

 Found this interesting article on Crazy Nights and Day. Read below 

Last month, when Lamar Odom was hospitalized and looked as if he might pass away, he was in the process of getting divorced from Khloe Kardashian. Not even in process, the thing was signed and had been signed for months and was waiting for a judge to sign off on it. It was done. Khloe swept in bringing the Kardashian tidal wave with her. At that point, the mother of Lamar’s children hired an attorney to forced through the divorce to make sure her kids were protected in case Lamar died.

Suddenly, Lamar decides to not get divorced and signs a legal document which is filed with the court and the divorce is withdrawn. What that means is that the whole process would need to begin again. At the time it was done, the world, through the PR machine was led to believe it was because Khloe wanted to get back together with Lamar or at least give their relationship another chance. We soon found out that was not true how much she has been hooking up with James Harden.
Now comes news that Lamar’s brain is so damaged that he can’t recognize family or friends that he has known his entire life. It is beginning to make me doubt anything that has come out of E! and TMZ which are Kardashian mouthpieces about Lamar saying sweet things to any of the family or even knowing who they are. It also brings to light something way more serious. How was Lamar able to sign his name to a document and understand what he was signing? It always seemed sketchy when it happened, but now that we know more about his condition, it looks extremely shady and there need to be some answers provided. If I am the judge in the case, I want to know that Lamar knew what he was doing and that he is the one who signed.

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