Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Graphic!! The Truth About The Woman who gave birth to a Human Like Creature in Harare

According to the Parirenyatwa Public Relations the story going around on social media about a woman who supposedly gave birth to this human like creature (below) is a LIE.
Here is the Press Release:
Head Tudza Research It has come to our attention that images of a deformed neonatal(baby) allegedly born at Parirenyatwa groups of hospitals have been circulating on social media.This press realease serves to officialy repudiate and unequivocally deny such claims.The infant in question is actualy from Akarnsas state U.S.A and is now a 3 year old. The infant was born with the rare medduci syndrome wich occurs in 1/30000000 infants world wide.This disorder was discovered by dr Biriukov Shushkov of the republic of Ukraine in 1904 and since then only four cases have been recorded.Despite some congenital anomalies the infant is coping quite well.In conclusion we urge the public to verify claims through appropriate channels and not rely soley on whatsapp.For more details contact (04)25089 0773771221 Parirenyatwapublicrelations@zol.comThis report compiled by Ob gyn /phd / hhd Proffesor T.J.W Vingora & Sister in charge mbuya nehanda martenity home Sr B Mukusva.

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