Sunday, 15 November 2015

Black Boy Writes Heart-breaking Letter Detailing the Racist Abuse He Has Suffered At The Hands Of His Classmates

A heartbreaking letter written by an African American eighth grade student lays bare the racist abuse he has suffered from his white classmates.
Za'Khari Waddy, 13, a student at Tabb Middle School in Yorktown, Virginia, sent the letter to the school to complain about the racism he has encountered and the alleged lack of action by school officials.

The letter, which has already received a response from the school district, recounted an experience Waddy had with a white classmate who called him a nigga on the school bus.
Waddy said that he has reported the racism to the principal and officials at Tabb Middle School but they have done nothing.
On the way back from football the boy 'started saying he does not like blacks and he told me 200 years ago my ancestors hung from a tree, and after that he said I should too,' Waddy wrote.
'I'm tired of boys messing with me because of my skin. I'm at boiling point with this.
'Please do something about this because whenever I bring it to the office/principle [sic] you do nothing about it and I'm tired of the racism.'

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