Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Ben Bruce To Amaechi- Start Using Public Transport

 Ben Bruce, senator representing Bayelsa east, has challenged Rotimi Amaechi, the newly-sworn in minister of transportation, to make it a duty to use public transport at least once in a month.
The senator also called on Babatunde Fashola, who has been assigned the ministry of power, works and ministry, to halt the use of generators in his home, “so that he can feel what Nigerians are feeling”.

In a series of tweets, Bruce asked Nigerians to challenge their ministers and hold them accountable.
“Congrats to our new minister of aviation, let’s challenge our minister to confirm neither he nor his aides will fly first-class at tax payers’ expense. Let’s challenge our minister of transport to confirm he will use various public transports at least once a month,” he wrote.
 “Congrats to @Gov_Rajifashola, let’s challenge our minister of power to confirm he won’t use generator so he’ll feel what Nigerians are feeling.”
He went on to challenge other ministers to eat “Nigeria-made foods”, Nigerian hospitals, and other locally-made products.
“Congrats to Ogbonaya Onu, let’s challenge our minister of science to ensure government promotes and uses made-in-Nigeria technology e.g. Zinox computers. “Congrats to Isaac Adewole, let’s challenge our minister of health to confirm he’ll use Nigerian hospitals & encourage colleagues to do so.
“Congrats to Audu Ogben, let’s challenge our minister of agriculture to confirm he will eat and encourage colleagues to eat grown in Nigeria foods.
“Congrats to our new minister of youth, let’s challenge our minister to confirm though he’s not a youth, he’ll consult youths before setting agenda.” Bruce also called on Nigerians to monitor the ministers to ensure the absence of long convoys and first class flights.

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