Monday, 19 October 2015

Relationship and Lies: But Why Lie?

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My ex and I ended 4 years ago, he got a girlfriend & went out with her for 3 years. 7 months ago HE SPLITTED UP WITH HER and he contacted me saying he never stopped loving & thinking about me & wishes he hadn't ruined things with us. For the first few months he tried so hard & was making all the effort, at this time I didn't know what I wanted but was always honest with him about it and I did kiss a few other people. He even said he would come to my house and talk to my mum and dad about how much he wanted to be with me as they didn't like him from when we ended years ago.

He made so much effort and wanted me round at his every night. His Ex kept phoning & he said it was nothing to worry about, he wanted to be with me and they would never get back, he loved me not her & wanted to spend the rest of his life with me & couldn't imagine having kids with anyone else. He was even saying we should have a kid now (I said no as I'm 22 and don't feel ready). All his pals knew about me and him meeting again and his mum knew about me too as I was in his house a lot. He even told his pals he still loved me so why say that?? I then went away for the summer to work and we were arguing a lot so we cut contact and I thought things would maybe work out when I came home, we hadn't spoke in about 5 weeks.

When I came home he contacted me again but basically said he couldn't trust me because I had kissed a few people when I was away. We kept meeting anyway and his Ex still kept phoning but as usual he said nothing to worry about. A few days ago I mailed his ex as she kept phoning and he wasn't making as much of an effort anymore so I had a feeling something was going on. She told me he had been meeting her the whole time too and had been saying to her she's the only person he's ever loved, she had no idea he had been meeting me again.

When he found out I mailed her he gave me the insult of my life saying I've hurt one of the nicest people he's ever met (her) & that he will ruin my life & I don't know what's coming to me threatening me, he blocked my number and has been begging for her back, so clearly he wants her it hurts me that he will care about her more because they went out for longer so have more memories together but why tell me he loved me?

My head is fried why was he trying to get me pregnant if he wanted her? Why come back into my life after years claiming he never stopped loving me? Why put up with my constant questioning about her when he could have just got rid of me and saved himself the hassle? Why is he begging for her back now and threatening and blocking me? Because I was the one that stuck him in it? I don't know. it hurts me so much because I did believe he was in love with me, why make so much effort to be back in my life when he could have been with his ex? But at the same time he couldn't have wanted me either or he wouldn't have done this. Please help me understand and try answer some of my questions to why he would do this, it's taking over my life. I don't want him back but why did he do this? Why did he keep telling me him and his ex would never get back? Does he want her and if he does why would he do this? I feel like I'll never move on from this because I thought he cared.

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  1. i think u found out and that pissed him off and it wood be eser for him to get her back the rest i dont know if you know ware to find him tell him y he did this if he cant be true to you he ant worth your time and their are lots of men who do that thy make family that dont know abut each other its like to spreed their jeans i guess