Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Police Seize Coffin Full of Alcohol

The Police in Kenya nabbed six people who had disguised themselves as mourners ferrying prohibited drinks into Kenya from Uganda.

The six had stashed 1,100 Ugandan Waragi sachets of 100ml each, hundreds of sachets of Simba Waragi and Coffee Spirit in a coffin claiming that they were heading to Nairobi for a burial.
According to Busia County Commissioner

"We arrested the people at Malaba border, they said that they were relatives of a deceased person from Mbale, Uganda and were headed to Nairobi for burial. Police checked the coffin and discovered unlicensed alcohol in the vehicle. The suspects tried to flee but were caught,” the Standard quoted Chimwanga.

It was also indicated that the goods had not been cleared for import and were contraband.

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