Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Photos:Teen Transform Self To Japanese Anime Character

Amber Harding from Perth is known as a living cartoon who has come of the pages of a Japanese comic 

18 year old Amber Harding from Morley, north of Perth in Western Australia is known as a real life anime girl who looks like a living cartoon character despite never going under the knife.
She styles herself on the fictional characters, complete with vividly -coloured hair, big doe eyes, a tiny nose and a doll like pout.

Amber  said

"Styling myself on an anime girl is a way to express my individuality. I love all things anime and think the characters are quirky and fun,' said Amber. 'I consider big eyes and small noses as beautiful and I love the cute clothes they [anime characters] wear."

The teenager's obsession began when she was 13-years-old and hopes to one day travel to Japan to learn more about anime.
The 18-year-old considers large eyes and small noses as beautiful features on a woman
Every morning Amber spends time contouring her face and nose to make her features look smaller like that of anime characters  

A hospitality worker she looks for her quirky outfits in second hand shop and boutiques 
She enjoys waking up every morning to decide what character she wants to resembleShe styles herself every morning on fictional characters using clever techniques to transform her appearance

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