Monday, 14 September 2015

Photo: See This Agbaya Men That Cannot Sleep Without Teddy Bear

Three men admit they can't sleep without comforting presence of the toys, Wesley Greenhalgh, 31, admitted he has a cuddly toy lion called Liam which comes to bed with him - and his girlfriend Amy Kirman, 25. 'He was actually given to me by my son, who is only five himself, to replace my bear that I lost from childhood so he is special to me.
'I've named him after my idol Liam Gallagher.  'My girlfriend was a bit surprised when she first found out she would be sharing a bed with not just me but also a cuddly lion, but she soon got used to it.'
The health support worker, from Warrington, said: 'I know it's a bit daft that I still sleep with a teddy bear but I find it really comforting.  Cuddling up to a teddy bear is usual practise for small children and toddlers but increasing numbers of grown men are confessing to sleeping with a cuddly toy.
Half of men still have a teddy bear, compared with 39 per cent of women and a quarter take their much-loved stuffed toy to bed at night, according to research commissioned by Time4Sleep.

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