Monday, 7 September 2015

LMAO, So Hilarious Your Time Starts Now

2nd Semester Exams For Relationship Department
Course: Introduction to Love Mathematics
Course code: CEC 107
All questions carry equal marks.
Time allowed: 2hrs, 30 minutes.

1. If a girl is in love for 3 years and at the end, the guy breaks up with her, WHAT is the formula for calculating such love and time wasted?

 2. As a guy, you dated more than 7 chicks at a time. Using the Almighty Formula, CALCULATE the expenses and loss in handling all of them?

3. STATE 5 differences between Orobo (fat) girls and Lekpa (skinny) girls.

4. With the aid of a labelled diagram, DRAW and EXPLAIN the term "Ukwu".

(Question 5- For girls only)
5. Using Laws of indices, CALCULATE the disappearance of your boyfriend whenever you demand for an i-Phone 6.

(Question 6- For boys only.)
6. You send an airtime worth #1500 to your girlfriend and she sends you a 'Please call me I Love You' text.
CALCULATE the profit and Loss of the airtime being sent and use the proportional ratio to attain the equation.

7. You broke up with your girl because of Christmas gifts, etc. Using quadratic equation, CALCULATE how long it'll take you to get her back in January.

8. As a guy, you are dating other people's sister, but you don't want any other guy to date your sister. CALCULATE the percentage of your foolish and wicked behaviour. (Take pie =3.14)

9. When you check a Facebook profile, 99% of guys are single as their marital status states, and 99.9% of the girls are dating, engaged, in a relationship or married. BRIEFLY explain who they are all dating in not less than two sentences.

10. Draw a table illustrating the predicament of the ex-president  and calculate the efficiency of English his wife would use on him,

N/B- Attempt all question to avoid carry-over

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