Friday, 18 September 2015

Kim Kardashian To Sue Kylie Jenner For $15M

 This year was definitely Kylie Jenner’s year, and despite her sister Kim’s pregnancy, Khloe’s divorce, and Kourtney’s break-up, Kylie has outshined all of her Kardashian sisters and become much more relevant than they ever were. It’s crazy that Kylie’s lips have actually gotten more press than Kim’s baby bump. And, more press equals more money. Kylie is raking in all of Kim’s endorsement deals and paid appearances – the reality TV Queen is old news, and everyone seems to be interested in her little sister, not her.

This week’s cover of Life & Style Magazine features a photo of Kim Kardashian, and she looks like she means business. The headline reads, “Kim Drags Kylie To Court: Greed Pits Sister Against Sister.” The tabloid goes on to reveal, “Kim is fed up with how much money Kylie is making by mimicking her. She says that she is entitled to at least thirty percent of those earnings.”
According to the report, if Kim’s case holds up in court, Kylie Jenner could wind up being ordered to pay her big sister up to $15 Million.

At first it was cute that Kylie Jenner was her sister Kim Kardashian’s doppelganger, and the two Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars are constantly being compared to each other. But, Kylie Jenner’s sister has had enough – because the younger and improved version of herself (Kylie) is making more money than she is now, and Kim wants a percentage! According to a new report, Kim is taking Kylie to court because she thinks her little sister stole her image and has been copying her for years – so she owes her some royalty money.

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