Monday, 17 August 2015

OMG! Dead Woman Wakes Up During Burial

This happened in a village of Chikamba in Jambezi, Zimbabwe, A 90-year-old dead woman named Gogo Tshuma, resurrected during her funeral procession, have thrown mourners into a state of confusion.

It was learnt that the resurrected woman however later gave up the ghost. Reports has it that a source from the village said the incident has got people talking with different versions been heard.
The report quoted the source as saying, “Gogo Tshuma was over 90. When she died, people gathered waiting for her children to come for the funeral. “They arrived at home a day after her death and brought a coffin. On the second day, which was supposed to be the burial day, Gogo MaTshuma came back to life. “Unfortunately, all preparations had been made and two cows had been slaughtered therefore people started partying.”

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