Monday, 17 August 2015

45 Year old Man Caught Having Sex With Dogs and Horse

Wonders shall never end, abi which song we wan sing to this drumbeat, The 45 year old man named

Travis Austin Joy, from Washington was caught having sex with 3 dogs and a horse.

Travis’ act was discovered after he relocated from his home but forgot his video camera which was later discovered by his old roommate while cleaning and after viewing the content immediately alerted the police leading to his arrest.
The Mirror reports that Travis was apprehended on Wednesday after the seven videos on the device showed him engaging in sexual acts with various animals from around the neighbourhood.
He was charged with seven counts of animal cruelty, one for each video and an additional two counts of harassment for making death threats against the people who reported him.
The owner of one of the dogs that was a victim to Joy’s sick habit, called police to report they had seen the disturbed individual at their home, and deputies then went to Joy’s residence and arrested him. After taking him into custody, sheriffs said that Joy admitted to making the videos so that he could watch them later without having to repeat the disgusting acts again.
Travis is currently being held in police custody

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