Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Lobatan! Man Divorced Wife Because She Didn't Wash Bed Linen

Some kind of news you hear sometimes sha, how can they grant a divorce on this kind of allegation? The man is simply tired of the woman and rather than saying so, he gave a foolish and flimsy excuse, this happened in Mali, read report below

A MAN of Lusaka’s Lilanda Township has sued his wife for divorce citing a reason that she never used to wash beddings.
Jones Chinyama, 45, said he was tired of sleeping on smelly beddings as if he was not a married man.
This was in a case in which Chinyama sued Jane Munda, 37, for divorce after the two failed to resolve their marital dispute.
Facts before the court were that the two got married in 1997 and have four children together, problems in their home stated shortly after the two got married.
“My wife does not know how to wash beddings, even when the baby defecates on them, she just wipes them leaving the stains and smell,” she said.
He also said to have sex in their home was a struggle as his wife used to refuse to have sex with him.
“Just after we had our second child, I used to struggle to have sex with my wife because she used to refuse,” he said.
He said the wife was also not doing house hold chores as whenever he knocked off from work, at whatever time he used to find the house untidy.
After having their second child his wife used to suspect him of having extra marital which led to them arguing on a daily basis.
In 2005 his wife packed all household goods and went to relatives, when he followed her she refused to return home.
“We have been on separation for eleven years now, our marriage has not been easy from the time we wedded,” he said.
In her statement Munda said her husband was a Casanova and that was made evident by two other women he had cohabited with while the two were on separation.
She said she never deserted her matrimonial home as alleged by her husband but that she was forced to leave following their twins sickness.
“I had twins who were constantly sick hence my mother advised me to leave my matrimonial home and stay with her until the twins were a little bit order and my husband never objected,” she said.
But to her surprise after staying at her parents place for sometimes she discovered that her husband was cohabiting with his former girlfriend.
“I used to do everything for my husband and when I went to stay with my parents in Oder to save the lives of our children, I expected him to respect me by not cohabiting with another woman,” she said.
Senior Local Court Magistrate Lewis Mumba granted the two divorce and ordered Chinyama to compensate his wife with K2, 000 to be paid in three instalments.
News Source: Mwebantu New Media

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