Saturday, 13 June 2015

What! Tonto Dike says she has 5 months to live

The controversial Nigeria actress and Singer took to her instagram page to share a very scary post. 
She wrote:

Woke up today with a joyful heart,With a smile that only The Angels would understand..Am Happy even thru my pains and sorrows... 
I see LIFE differently and I wonder why he saves me each time. A little girl died this morning. She was my friend for a week,She was A great lil girl and she cld pray.. She believed and was faithful,God has his reasons.. 
But am alive And from this day I have only one thing to promise myself hardcore Self
love and happiness..Am in a Very happy Place with me,Scared of course but am excited to know that I can be happy through anytin.. 
I use my self as a point of Contact to every sick person,I don't know wat u re going thru but I proclaim healing and health into your lives.. 
By his stripes you are healed,I asked God for a miracle.It didn't come as a healing it came in form of a Man (MrX) who is ready to hold my hands and make sure I know nothing but happiness till the end... 
Identify your miracle and Give God d glory even when the doctors say "Ma'am u have 5months to live... #ISmile
#Special thanks to @sir_rozlah
#No Pity party needed

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