Thursday, 25 June 2015

My Dad Calls My Girlfriend Everyday

Lol, I found this story on Nairaland and decided to share, read below

I happened to be in a relationship and for the first time i asked my girl to come meet my parents since we started getting serious and next year i have plans to get married to her.
she met my parents three weeks ago and stayed in our family house for about a week before going back. Since then my Dad calls her like every day just to check up on her. This is beginning to get me worried as it is unusual of my Dad. FYI my Dad is a clergy man and very disciplined hence i know nothing is wrong negatively. But my concern is that the man is taking the relationship more serious than even me in the relationship. Am concerned and my girl is so excited about it. I had plans to talk to my dad but don't know if it is right. I feel my dad is making this girl feel supercool and am not comfortable with that. Please I need candid advice!!!
What do u all think?

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