Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Man who had Anal sex with two men jailed for 35 years

This happened in Solwezi which is the capital Zambia, A Chef who had anal sex with two men and infected them with a sexually transmitted infection (STIs) has been jailed for 35 years. According to times of Zambia, Siwale, 31, pretended to render cheffing lessons to the two men but had sex with them on different occasions threatening to kill them if they alerted anyone about the ordeal.
McDonald Siwale appeared before Judge Isaac Kamwendo of the Kitwe High Court during a session in Solwezi for sodomy offences against Mathew Nkandu aged 30 and Chris Mwango, residents of Nakonde and Solwezi respectively.

The offences against the order of nature occurred between January and March this year.
The court heard that when the act got out of hand, the two victims alerted Solwezi Central Police officers where they disclosed that they were forced to have sex with Siwale on the pretext that he would train them as chefs.

The arresting officer, Inspector Bwalya apprehended Siwale who readily admitted the charge and that he was attracted to men. Mr Bwalya narrated that the two victims were taken to a hospital for medical examinations and it was discovered that they incurred anal penetration and were infected with STIs. Siwale pleaded for leniency before judgment was passed, as he was a first offender and he did not waste the court’s time following his quick admission to the charge.

Judge Kamwendo said in his ruling, the offence was an abrogate practice and against the order of nature.
“I have taken into consideration the mitigation, however, note that the practice of carnal knowledge was against the order of nature, it is an abrogate practice. The court will sentence you accordingly so that the practice is not tolerated by society. I will sentence the convict to 35 years imprisonment with hard labour,” he said.

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