Monday, 22 June 2015

Hairy Lady Queen Okafor says she gets more than 100 male suitors in a day *sigh*

Na woman, your eyes no dey see triple , more pics after the cut

Queen Okafor a native of Nnobi Anambra state,in an interview with the Punch disclosed that she always have more than 100 suitors on a daily basis depending on the area, places she visits. In her words

 “I get not less than 100 suitors and admirers everyday depending on the occasion. Married and single men, boys, girls, lesbians and gay men are attracted to me. But I can’t accept every person that approaches me because people are very deceptive. Some men will tell me that they are not married, whereas they are married with children at home. 
I am not married, but I intend to get married one day because that is the prayer of every woman, but definitely not to a married man. If God answers my prayers, I will be happy to be married to a businessman that will love me and not be one that will beat me.” 
“No man has ever dumped or disappointed me, I can tell you that. I fell in love with one man immediately after my secondary school. He was fond of beating me because he was very temperamental and that informed my decision to quit the relationship. I fell in love with another man, but I detest men that don’t tell the truth, I was in love with him but because he was a womaniser, I decided to dump him. On several occasions, he tried to seduce and sleep with my younger sister. My sister told me about this. She said whenever she was asleep, he would sneak into her bedroom and attempt to sleep with her. 
“It is a family thing, especially from my father’s side. So, if I get married, I won’t be surprised to see any, if not all of my children, having hairs all over their bodies,” she said.
I Get over 100 Suitors Daily - Popular Hairy Lady, Queen Okafor 2I Get over 100 Suitors Daily - Popular Hairy Lady, Queen Okafor 4

I Get over 100 Suitors Daily - Popular Hairy Lady, Queen Okafor 5

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