Monday, 22 June 2015

Girl receives backlash for arriving in an ambulance for Prom

High School Senior  Ashvonn Russel arrives at a prom party in an ambulance for her fairytale theme "Sleeping Beauty" hoping to win the best entrance, she and her date decided to take another approach on Sleeping Beauty and arrived in an ambulance to be awakened by her date Johnny.

The teen's viral moment came as a result of a contest for "Best Entrance" at the dance, which was put on by a local Key Club for three different high schools on the Abaco Islands.

she said
She said, “I thought an ambulance would fit this theme best because, as we all know, sleeping beauty was not dead (so no coffin or hearse), she was only unconscious. When I arrived at prom in the ambulance, the crowd went wild and everyone cheered me on.”

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