Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Chris Brown finally over Karrueche Tran

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown during their days together

The singer is finally moving on with his life, he has tried all within his power  gain back his ex but it seems she is done with him, According to a close source who told HollywoodLife :

''Chris is over Karrueche. He gave it one hell of a try but he surrenders. He can’t be addicted to her like that anymore. It wasn’t a good habit. Being in love with her was like being addicted to crack. It just wasn’t a good look for him nor does he want to run after her like he needs her or some shit.''
In a new interview with Real ‘92.3’s Big Boy’ on June 19, Chris Brown said:
 ''My main focus now is my music, but my daughter first. When it comes to me being able to perform and do this, it’s cool. But for right now, I’m doing it all for her [Royalty]. So I can take my time off later!''
Chris even admitted that he would like to give Royalty some siblings in the future: 
''I mean I have brothers and sisters, so I had a fun time picking on them and hitting on them. They were beating me up, too, so it would be nice for a brother or sister in the future,'' he said not mentioning if he would be married first.

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