Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Hmmmm...I met my wife a 'Virgin' - Governor Adams Oshiomhole revealed

Comrade Adams Oshiomhole who is the Governor of Edo state made this revelation during his wedding thanksgiving.

In his own words
 “I can boldly tell all of you that I was a very principled man during my first marriage. I didn’t succumb to the worldly pleasures of this lustful environment, even though I had lots of opportunities. And it was this principled sobriety that made me fish for a virgin wife.
“I can boldly say to you all that I was the first man to know her (Lara Fortes) and initiated her into the worldly ways.
“This is the kind of spirit I want Edo youths to inculcate, instead of messing around and engaging in different shades of adultery and fornication.”
hmmmmmm.... quietly drinking my kunu 

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